Shakespeare’s Birthday - secret London photo shoot!

To celebrate the great Bard’s birthday (yesterday!) Immortal Longings teamed up with photographer Theo Albanis and stylist Anami Tara Shucart. Shooting exclusively in south-east London for a true urban feel the team braved sun, wind and rain to create 5 modern Shakespeare character interpretations.

A few teasing behind-the-scenes shots before the photographs are released…









So with enough hints there about the 5 characters, can you guess which they are? (Hint: they’re all featured in Folio prints in different colours.)

For Your Shakespearean Listening Pleasure: William Shakespeare’s Playlist


Now on the BBC Player:

David Owen Norris and guests compile a playlist for the bard. Choosing Shakespeare’s favourite songs are the renowned Shakespeare scholar Stanley Wells, RSC director Greg Doran and musician Lucie Skeaping.

The music ranges from a lullaby Shakespeare’s mother Mary Arden might have sung him, through bawdy ballads from the local tavern, to haunting songs written by Shakespeare himself. What do they tell us about our most enigmatic genius?

The programme is recorded at the Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, a wooden recreation of a Shakespearean playhouse.

With singers Gwyneth Herbert and Thomas Guthrie, and a trumpeter from Shakespeare’s old school to test the theatre acoustics with some rousing fanfares.

Producer: Elizabeth Burke A Loftus production for BBC Radio 4.

Wrap it up Shakespeare style!

Here at Immortal Longings I’m having a bit of a clear-out. Making space for new products coming soon! So here’s a perfect chance to stock up on Hamlet or Merry wrapping paper, being auctioned on eBay now.

Click for Merry wrap auction

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An illustrator’s studio

A peek inside the studio… art materials and old-time inspirations. The surroundings for creating Shakespeare illustrations.




Wednesday Walk with Shakespeare

Ah, when I was just a youth of 23 I visited London for the first time at Christmas, eager to scout out Shakespeare things!

It was 1993 and back then London still closed down almost completely at Christmas. So I soon discovered three of the only things to do!

First - St Paul’s cathedral was open for Christmas service. Though not religious I went with a fellow traveller to mass and it was beautiful, complete with splendid boys choir.

Second - I realised roasted chestnut sellers were still out with their carts along the riverside. I tasted my first-ever roasted chestnuts by Tower Bridge.

Third - I discovered London Walks and went on several tours that week. Shakespeare and Dickens was the best! They took us to see all the bits of Elizabethan architecture still left in London - some of which were just a few timbers in a hidden archway. It was a really good walk, and they still run the same tour to this day.

So one of my top recommendations for visitors to London: treat yourself to a mid-week walk.

Shakespeare and Dicken’s London - The Old City - walk tour by London Walks
(ps. the Jack the Ripper walk is good too!)

—Post by Tina, the Shakespearean minion

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Modern Fools!

image"Shakespearean fools: Their modern equivalents" from BBC News:

Homer Simpson, Miranda Heart, Frank Gallagher and Ian Hislop as Shakespearean fool descendants?

Undiscovered Shakespeare

Not quite a new play… but two illustrations not previously available!

Young King John and lovers Troilus and Cressida are now hanging around in the Immortal Longings shop waiting for you to visit. A boy king sits on a large throne. And romantic blue swirls and frames the romantic couple.


See all the classic illustrations at

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Tiny Shakespeare art

Illustrating for theatre is always a challenge - using a distinct style while suiting the particular play and production. But creating an illustrative poster for a play, or even series of plays, is nothing compared to these tiny artworks!


Stamp artists work within 35mm x 35mm.

Last year was the 50th anniversary of the Royal Shakespeare Company so the Royal Mail decided to commission some tiny commemorative pieces for the big occasion. Here’s a great article from Fast Company magazine about the process:
New Shakespeare Stamps put the Bard’s Drama onto Teeny Stage

And here’s the stamps, packs and postcards from the Royal Mail.

(this article info comes from my minion, Tina, who is a closet stamp collector!)

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Shakespeare’s Mothering Sunday

imageThis week I intended to write a nice post about mothers in Shakespeare. However, it doesn’t require much research to realise Shakespearean mothers aren’t the nicest bunch. They have a tendency to crave power.

Did your mother?

  • Marry the uncle who killed your father
  • Plot to have you disappear so her favourite child could inherit the throne
  • Forbid you from marrying someone from the rival Italian family
  • A witch who imprisoned spirits in trees for disobeying

So thank your mum for not being Shakespearean!

Internet age sonnets

"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?" — Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18
Proof that Shakespeare is timeless…

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